Detailed report and recommendations

Final report

After performing the GDPR risk analysis, the user of the GDPR Risk Tracker application can generate a final report from it. A report that contains all the data entered in the activity. Moreover, it contains a complete set of calculations that are components of our risk analysis methodology. Each report contains a theoretical part showing in detail how the final risk values are calculated and a complete set of data constituting the methodology. Thanks to this, regardless of who and when will analyze the report, they will have complete information enabling them to understand where the given values and results came from.

The report is the final stage of the user's GDPR risk analysis. All data, including threats and security measures selected by the user during the activity analysis, are analyzed and the user receives a comprehensive summary of their activities. The risk analysis report can be generated multiple times after changes are made to a given process. Thanks to this, the user always has the current version for the process taking place in his organization.


The most important part of the report are the recommendations. General recommendations on how to deal with individual risk values and detailed recommendations regarding the analyzed activity enabling risk reduction to acceptable values. After generating the report and implementing the recommendations presented in the final report. The user can correct elements in a previous analysis and re-generate the report. The new report will reflect the actual state of the process at a given moment, and what's more, the user will be able to compare the process based on both reports. Thanks to this, we can easily assess changes in the process to reduce risks and increase the security of our data.

Additionally, the user can generate a report in the open MS Word format. A file in this format is a specially prepared, correctly formatted document with headings, tables and paragraphs of text that can be freely modified, supplemented with notes, comments or adapted to your needs.