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Risk analysis required by the GDPR

GDPR Risk Tracker is a web-based application for ALL entities processing personal data, enabling a comprehensive risk analysis and data protection impact assessment (DPIA) to verify compliance with the GDPR.

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Customer and expert opinions

GDPR Risk Tracker is a tool that we wanted to implement in our daily work as quickly as possible. We are an internet marketing agency that, due to its scope of activities, works based on a huge amount of personal data. Both obtained through advertising campaigns and other promotional activities. Our resources also include data provided to us by our contractors and clients.

We decided to implement the GDPR Risk Tracker application, which allows us to optimize our activities in the field of personal data processing, while saving our time and allowing us to focus on the needs of our clients.

GDPR Risk Tracker is a comprehensive tool that should become an integral element of the personal data protection system in the organization.

It allows you to systematize personal data processing processes, supports the Administrator in verifying compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation and enables control of the implementation of the GDPR in the organization. Additionally, its availability via the website allows quick access.

GDPR Risk Tracker is a tool created from the need to optimize GDPR implementation processes, conduct compliance and documentation audits, and perform risk analysis, as part of the services provided by our law firm. We quickly found out that it not only shortens the time needed for these activities by several times. Thanks to the fact that it enables remote data collection, a transparent analytical process, but also the possibility of implementing accountability, i.e. showing.

We particularly value the opportunities it gives data protection officers to monitor the implementation of GDPR at clients, as well as to verify and audit processors, which processes we support as a law firm.

Thanks to the availability of the tool in both Polish and English, we use this tool to successfully provide services to Polish entities as well as international capital groups.

An application that, in my opinion, develops with the changing technological, legal and social environment and the needs of specialists dealing with personal data protection.

If you need a rational and intuitive tool to: describe the activities of personal data processed by your organization; assess their scope, necessity and proportionality to the purpose for which they were obtained; demonstrate how you manage the risk of violating the rights and freedoms of data subjects, i.e. your clients, employees, their family members and people cooperating with you; present what countermeasures you are taking to minimize the risks; present areas requiring improvement and automate work and save your team's time use GDPR Risk Tracker.

At our law firm, we have been using the GDPR Risk Tracker application for several years. We see many benefits from using this tool. First of all, we have reduced the time needed to conduct risk analyzes several times as part of the services provided by our law firm. This translates into a significant increase in the effectiveness of our activities. Additionally, GDPR Risk Tracker is constantly developing and listening to its customers. Version 2.0 brought many improvements that increased the convenience of using the application, accelerated the data entry process and answered, among others: for our needs.

The GDPR Risk Tracker team is a reliable cooperation partner for us.

GDPR Risk Tracker allows you to easily and intuitively coordinate activities related to the protection of personal data in your organization. The ability to support several administrators or processors using the application is not only an additional advantage, but above all it allows you to collect information about the serviced entities in one place, accessible from any location. RiskTracker is an innovative tool that facilitates the everyday work of lawyers and data protection inspectors.

One of the pillars of building an organization's compliance with GDPR is risk analysis. GDPR Pisk Tracker is the perfect tool for this task.

From my experience, I can say that it is an intuitive, fast and reliable tool. Conducting a risk analysis becomes feasible without a huge investment of time and resources. The result of the actions taken is presented in a transparent and legible manner. Thanks to this functionality of the GDPR Risk Tracker tool, it is an excellent source of confirmation of risk analysis, which is extremely important for data controllers to meet the principle of accountability.

YouLead Sales & Marketing Automation system is a communication tool that uses modern solutions to support e-commerce, automotive and other industries that use the Internet to acquire customers and sell.

Our activities are inherently related to personal data, their collection, analysis, processing and use to promote customers' products. We know perfectly well how important data is and what responsibility we have.

Therefore, our experts who manage GDPR processes at YouLead on a daily basis have become thoroughly familiar with the capabilities of the GDPR Risk Tracker application and believe that it can be a useful tool to support our work and that of our clients.

Taking care of the security of personal data is a key issue for YouLead's activities. After familiarizing ourselves with the functionalities of GDPR Risk Tracker, we are convinced that using this tool can contribute to even better protection of personal data.


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We are very pleased to welcome the Rainbow Travel Agency among the clients of the GDPR RISk Tracker application.

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We are very pleased to inform all users of our application that the English version of Risk Tracker has passed all tests and has just been delivered to you!